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TopAdria THIELE d.o.o. real estate agency, trade, services and travel agency is operated by Thiele d.o.o., a limited liability company according to the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

TopAdria THIELE d.o.o. is registered as a licensed real estate agency by the Croatian Chamber of Economy and has received an official confirmation of compliance with the Code of Ethics.

TopAdria THIELE d.o.o. is an Authorized Member of the Croatia Real Estate Agents Association

THIELE d.o.o.
M. Della Vedova 98
52216 Galižana
Tel: 052 380 063
Fax: 052 555 968

Registered at the Court of Pazin (Broj rješenja o ispunjavanju uvjeta)
Klasa: UP/I-330-01/09-01/1187;Urbroj:526-05-01-01/2-09-2
Matični broj: 2424177
Board of Directors: Vesna Thiele, Tom Thiele
Licensed Real Estate Agent: Vesna Thiele

For any comments, errors and general enquiries please contact:

Trgovačka Ulica 124
52215 Vodnjan


All content of the website has been thoroughly researched. However, TopAdria Thiele d.o.o. accepts no responsibility as to the correctness and completeness of the information on these pages nor for any translations of Croatian content or information.

NOTE: TopAdria Thiele d.o.o. accepts no responsibility for the content and will not be liable for any information presented on any external pages referred to on these pages!


Any content and information made by TopAdria Thiele d.o.o. has been throughly researched. However, neither TopAdria Thiele d.o.o. nor the providers of any services offered by TopAdria can be held responsible for their correctness. News, information and editorial content is based in part on third party sources and marked as such. Profiles of any service providers have been made based on the information provided by the providers themselves. TopAdria Thiele d.o.o. points out that the information and content published on these pages do not, in any way, constitute a requirement to purchase, sell or rent any property or accommodation offerred. Nor does the information substitute any expert advice.

TopAdria Thiele d.o.o. ensures that any personal client details will be treated with utmost care and will not be released to any third party without prior consent.

TopAdria Thiele d.o.o. reserves the right to charge clients for services rendered in conjunction with the preparation of various documents pertaining to the sale of a property when a client wishes to sell or to purchase a property. The same applies to other services expressly or implicity asked for by the clients. The hourly rate for such services is 100 Euro (including VAT). These charges do not occur when a client pays TopAdria Thiele d.o.o. the agency commission of 3% of the sales prices + the mandatory Croatian sales tax.

All rights reserved. Reproduction or modification in whole or in part without express written permission is prohibited.