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Professional property photos and videos

Good photographs and videos can make the difference between just offering a property for sale and really appealling to a potential buyer. Many times the photos of a property motivate a potential buyer (or not) to take the next step, to decide to look at the property. Photos (and videos) are the first impression a potential buyer has of a property. They "sell" the property!

TopAdria offers the work of the best photographer in this field. The following services are avaiable:

Aerial Photography with "Camera Drone"

With the use of a flying camera the photographer is able to fly around the object of interest and record it in a clarity and from perspectives that are only possible with this new technology. Forget aerial photos made with full-scale airplanes and helicopters from high altitude which makes the motif look small and unimpressive! This aerial robot images the motif from a perspective and proximity that emphasizes its importance and results in an emotional view and a premium product communication.

Camera drones are powered electronically, virtually completely quiet and of course, emissions-free.


A professional video can convey all about a property even better and more lively than any photographs can. The location of the property, especially in combination with aerial photography, the dimensions of buildings, pools and gardens, the function of special highlights, all these become more evident and clear with a video. Many potential buyers pre-select properties from the convenience of their home before contacting a real estate agent with an enquiry or with the wish to see a property in person, especially when that would require travelling far to the location of the property.

Professional Interior Photography

It makes a big difference whether a property gets advertised with photos which were taken, for example, by a real estate agent with his or her digital camera or by a professional photographer with state-of-the art photographic equipment. That difference can mean that among the many property ads on the internet, the professional property photo stands out and draws attention to that property. If that is your property for sale, wouldn't you prefer if your property gets recognized by a potential buyer rather than another property?

When it comes to selling a property, the investment in top photos (and videos) can be one of the best tools for getting a property sold!

Available packages

1. "Professional property photo package" 600,00 Euro (4.570 Kuna) + VAT (25%)

  • 20 photos (interior and and exterior)
  • 10 photos with a "jumbo tripod"

2. "Superb property photo package" 1.120,00 Euro (8.400 Kuna) + VAT (25%)

  • 20 photos (interior and and exterior)
  • 10 photos with a "jumbo tripod"
  • 10 special aerial photos

3. "Superb property photo + video package" 2.670,00 Euro (20.000 Kuna) + VAT (25%)

  • 20 photos (interior and and exterior)
  • 10 photos with a "jumbo tripod"
  • 10 special aerial photos
  • 2-3 minute promotional video

Included in all packages are the travel time and expenses of the professional crew (2 vehicles) within Istria and Kvarner.

Please contact us and we will help you receive photos of your property that sell.