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Questions & Answers

Of course there are many topics related to real estate and Croatia in general. Here TopAdria answers typical questions which potential buyers have. If you have a question feel free to contact us...

QUESTION: Is there a central database of properties for sale in Croatia (like the MLS in the U.S.)?
ANSWER: There is no such database of properties for sale in Croatia. Some real estate for sale gets offered directly by individuals, mostly property owners will list via an estate agency. They tend to have their own website and list on various property websites.

QUESTION: Do real estate agencies have exclusive agency agreements with property owners?
ANSWER: An exclusive agency agreement is very rare in Croatia. Most properties get listed by several agencies.

QUESTION: Where can I find statistical information on what properties have sold and other information about the real estate market in Croatia?
ANSWER: Such information is hardly available. Some property websites have a quarterly analysis of which real estate has been offered. This type of analysis generally shows very broad categories such as "average asking prices for houses along the Adriatic" or square metre prices of apartments in Rovinj, not the actual average prices of properties which have sold. Only the real estate market of Zagreb has more detailed information available.

QUESTION: Who decides in Croatia what the asking price of a property is?
ANSWER: In almost all cases, the seller (not the estate agent). In Croatia realtors are not licensed to appraise the value of a property. A property can be appraised when seeking a mortgage from a lender. The appraisal is paid for by the borrower.

QUESTION: What is the buyer agency commission in Croatia?
ANSWER: The standard buyer agency commission in Croatia is 3.75% (incl. VAT) of the actual purchase price of the property. Further details and the services which TopAdria offers are listed here.

QUESTION: Is there a property tax in Croatia?
ANSWER: No. There is a sales tax which is generally 4% of the purchase price.

QUESTION: Can an owner of a property in Croatia rent it out to tourists?
ANSWER: Yes, provided that he or she is the legal owner and that the property has legally been "categorized" as a property for tourism.

QUESTION: Can one pay with Euros in Croatia?

ANSWER: Legally no. Croatia is a member of the European Union since July 2013 but is not a member of the Eurozone (EU member countries which have adopted the Euro as their common currency and sole legal tender). The official currency in Croatia is the Kuna. Anyone conducting legal business in Croatia has to do so in Kuna and report their financial transactions to the Croatian tax authorities. That is why businesses which deal in cash (such as bakeries, cafes and restaurants) have to use a small terminal (which is an online connection to the tax authorities) and issue a receipt for the transaction which took place. Failure to do so can lead to that business being inspected and shut down. Companies can show prices in Euro, for example for properties, but have to issue a bill which shows the price in Kuna based on the middle Euro exchange rate of the Croatian Central Bank on the day the transaction takes place.

QUESTION: Why are there still border controls when entering Croatia?
ANSWER: Croatia is a member of the EU but not yet a member of the Schengen area which functions as a single country for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy.